New Year, Fresh Space

February 8, 2021


By: Melissa Milakovic

Whether or not you abide by new year’s traditions or rituals it is no doubt a great time to refresh our homes in simple yet impactful ways. This means reimagining your home by simply turning, moving, regrouping, repurposing and perhaps, repainting a wall or two. It doesn’t take much to shift the energy in your home from stale to stunning with a few simple tweaks and turns that will surely give you the sense of hope on the horizon.

Here are three simple ways you can make impactful changes to your home in as little time as it would take to binge the latest Netflix series!

  1. PAINT: You can choose to go bold or stay neutral but a simple coat of paint will take years off your walls and add new life to your space. Do some research online to see what direction you’d like to go in, get some samples and test them in all four corners of the room to see how the light will fall throughout one full day then get painting! The best thing about paint is that it is the most affordable way to make the greatest impact!
  2. REPURPOSE: Look around your house for objects that could be moved or repurposed. Old jugs or vessels can be used as plant pots and vases, painted to match your new palette if you’re feeling extra creative; a sentimental item collecting dust on a shelf in the basement can be brought up and to attention on your freshly painted mantel; move things around, take the clutter out, see your home as an ever evolving space that can always be reimagined!
  3. SHOP SMART: Covid has certainly made shopping for your home challenging with low supply and delayed shipping so a great way to skirt around this is to get on Facebook Marketplace (or any similar service). Make sure you measure the space you have for the piece you need, ask about imperfections/condition and go see it before you buy it. It may take some digging but there are always great finds for great prices and you have the piece in your home before the paint dries!












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