Recipe for a Great Night’s Sleep

December 2, 2020

We all know we’re supposed to be getting 8 hours of sleep but how often do you wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready to take on the day? Getting a good night’s sleep is not only important for fighting fatigue but also for supporting your brain, heart, hormones and metabolism. That’s right- sleep is your secret weapon to fight premature aging and an expanding waistline!

By Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur, ND


Here is my recipe for a good night’s sleep:


  • Daily movement for 30 minutes (e.g. walking)
  • A pitch-black bedroom (or eye mask)
  • A 90-minute tech free break before bed


  1. Enjoy your morning coffee but cut yourself off from caffeine 12 hours before your
    desired bedtime. Yes, it really takes that long for caffeine to clear out of your system! If
    you want to be asleep by 11pm, have your coffee before 11 am.
  2. Limit alcohol to 1-2 glasses per day at most and have it with dinner (and not closer to
    bed) to minimize its impact on sleep. You might think that glass of wine helps you sleep
    but it reduces deep sleep so you’re more likely to toss and turn and wake up feeling
  3. Turn all screens off 90 minutes before bed. I know, this is hard, but you’ve likely gotten
    more than enough screen time already today and bright screens suppress the
    production of melatonin (the hormone that helps you get a deep and restful sleep).
  4. Pick a consistent bedtime: your body loves consistency so go to bed around the same
    time every single day.
  5. Help prepare your body with a calming bedtime routine: a brain dump is helpful if your
    brain lights up like a Christmas tree when your head hits the pillow. Use this time to
    write out your to-do list or anytime that’s on your mind, read a paper book, have a hot
    bath or shower, do some gentle stretching or listen to relaxing music or a guided
    meditation (my favourite tool is the Insight Timer app).

Happy sleeping and let me know how your recipe for sleep turns out!

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